Photo by Petri Kärkkäinen

Collaboration with animation artist Terje Henk

We have collaborated with Terje since 2018 when she made an animation for my composition "The Circle". I had a wonderful opportunity to accompany the animation during the premiere in Lisbon, Portugal, at Monstra animation festival's opening.  Our newest collaboration is part of Terje's new interactive webpage  Jutupaunik.  Our newest work is called "Kes see tunne on?". 

Duo Maimu Jõgeda & Senni Heiskanen

In summer 2021 me and Senni Heiskanen started a duo. Senni Heiskanen is a Finnish kantele player and singer who plays traditional music from the Nordic countries and also creates her own music. First time we played together was in autumn 2019 - it was when we started our master studies together at KMH in Stockholm.  A traveling master's programme called Nordic Master in Folk music was what borught us together. So far we have had one concert in Finland and one concert coming up in Estonia. 

Photo by Germán A. Castiblanco Moreno

My Eye Candy My Somatic Fiction and My Body Archive

How do we see, feel and control our bodies? What does the privacy of my body mean? We have different narratives about bodies, ideal images of bodies, beautiful ones, healthy ones, gendered ones. Our perception of the world is based on our bodies, our joy, our pain. The aim of the project is to reflect on these phenomena, we experience every day, with animated theatrical and improvisational elements focusing on materiality and sound. Together with Nóra Varga, Minttu-Maaria Makkonen and Ines Masanti we created an online exhibition which is availabe for visitors on:

This project was created in the time span of August-December 2020.
Exhibiton was released on 21st of December 2020 and was running until 21st of December 2021.

Photo by Nóra Varga


GROV is a music collective transcending borders and nationalities by six musicians, each representing their unique tradition. They met during the Nordic Master program, and formed GROV as a result of their intense and continuous work of collaboration. Ensemble's repertoire is formed by the roots of their common sense of folk music, and you’ll find Flemish melodeon facing Norwegian harding fiddle, French bourrées against Finnish polkas, Danish dynamism and Estonian elegance. Together GROV is playing traditional and contemporary music in a widespread rainbow of vibrant grooves, beautiful songs, and breathtaking tunes.

Coline Genet (FR) - Fiddle, Voice
Jannike Svensvik (NO) - Hardanger Fiddle/Fiddle
Jeroen Laureyssens (BE) - Diatonic Accordion
Maimu Jõgeda (EST) - Accordion
Martin Strange Lorenzen (DK) - Clarinets
Senni Heiskanen (FIN) - Kantele, Voice
Photo by Justyna Krzyżanowska

Middle Eastern Orchestra

Middle Eastern Orchestra is a Helsinki (Finland) based orchestra led by Ali Haithem. I have been part of their journey since 2019. Our conductor is Kaapo Johannes Ijas.