It is so often that we can't put what we think or feel into words.

Well, no worries, now you've got a soundtrack for that:

The one about . . .

All of us have our own story of how we got to where we are right now, & that’s what makes you, YOU, and me, ME! Accepting who we are and enjoying the moment is something one should always strive towards. Never judge. Never compare – although if ever, then only with your past self.  The most important thing is to realize that we all have our own story, our own timeline - our own path. Trying to explain yourself to someone without knowing yourself seems a dead end... Hopefully this album will lead you closer to your path & will help you define for yourself, who you are and where are you heading. It is ...

The one about … being ONE (with yourself).

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Recorded at RoundSound Studio (August 2019)

Recording, mixing & mastering by Rainer Koik

Album design by Kadri Kadalipp

Listen to the first single from the upcoming album here!

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